CAS CaseConnector for SAP Controlling

Control of tasks in Jira and controlling of costs in SAP

SAP CO orders are created for controlling the costs of tasks. When a task (issue) is created in Jira, an SAP CO order is assigned to the issue. A search help is provided in Jira in the form of a list that searches for and displays usable SAP CO orders. The contents of the list are read synchronously from the SAP system.

With the help of issues in Jira, the tasks are controlled in terms of time and personnel. During the processing of the tasks, costs arise in the form of time or financial expenditure. Both expenses are documented in Jira and, in the case of time expenditure, a factor is added for conversion. The total costs of a task are posted to the oder in SAP CO as soon as a task has reached a defined status.

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