CAS CaseConnector for SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager and Jira work hand-in-hand 

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The project team defines and documents requirements for systems and applications, e.g. in the context of discovery workshops in SAP Solution Manager.

The responsible architect of the project team creates work packages in SAP Solution Manager for all requirements that have to be pursued and implemented as well as all necessary work items for each work package.

In Jira one epic is automatically created and synchronized for each work package. Corresponding work items are transferred to UserStories in Jira via the interface and assigned to the corresponding epic. Relevant state changes of User Stories are synchronized.


  • Requirements (SAP)
  • WorkPackage (SAP)
  • WorkItem (SAP)
  • Epic (Jira)
  • UserStory (Jira)
  • Task (Jira)


  • Workpackage created
  • Workpackage, Status changed
  • Epic created
  • WorkItem created
  • UserStory created
  • UserStory Status changed


  • Create Jira-Epic
  • Link SAP-Workpackage to Jira-Epic
  • Create Jira-UserStory
  • Link SAP-Workitem to Jira-UserStory
  • Set Status of SAP-WorkItem
  • Set Status of Jira-Epic


  • SAP-Workpackage Get
  • SAP-Workpackage Save
  • Jira-Epic Save
  • Jira-Epic Get
  • Jira-Epic Status Set
  • SAP-Workitem Save
  • SAP-Workitem Get
  • SAP-Workitem Status Set
  • Jira-UserStory Save
  • Jira-UserStory Get

Process comparison

Compare the process representation without (move separator to the right) and with (move separator to the left) CAS CaseConnector.

Without CAS CaseConnectorWithout CAS CaseConnector
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